Quick Evic saves New York Landlords Time, Money and Effort.

Let us help you take back ownership of your property.
We evict Non-Paying and Nuisance Tenants ​FAST thanks to our years of experience with New York's eviction process! 

Not getting results from your attorney?
We know your time is valuable, so let our winning team handle everything. We don't waste time, your problem is our top priority and we can take over the case from any stage in the eviction process.

Need an eviction? Call the experts at Quick Evic!

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2730 Atlantic Ave
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Quick Evic is a confidential service that gets you results Fast!

Don't let manipulative tenants take advantage of you. You are likely not the first person conned by them. Get Quick Evic on the case as soon as possible.

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2730 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207

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